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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Destroying of the Great Pumpkins!

Jonathan had a great idea the night we were carving pumpkins. The night after Halloween he wanted to smash them up. He couldn't decide how at first. He thought maybe throwing it, and then he thought cutting it up but in the end he used a hammer. In one of those pictures Ernie has one of his fingers holding it while Jonathan smashed the hammer down. He's pretty lucky it didn't get squished. Sabrina and daddy cut hers up with a freaking huge knife that made me extremely nervous. The knife is almost bigger than she is! I threw my pumpkin down on the ground and broke it. Poor thing. Ernie used the knife again and with one swoop split his in half right down the middle of the eye he carved. Gives new meaning to "Smashing Pumpkins!"

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