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Saturday, May 1, 2010

5K Law Day Run

Ernie has been on a kick to loose weight for the last few months. I am so proud of him. He goes to the gym nearly every day and has lost lots of weight. The most noticeable thing is the inches. He is getting skinny. I tease him that he lost it and I found it. I have a good excuse though so I don't feel so bad. Molinelli's Jewlers hosted a "Biggest Looser" event for all the employees who wanted to get healthy. The pot was $200.00 and I must say Ernie kicked butt. He won the money and lost the most weight. Every body did such a good job though and they are all looking so skinny. They are going to do another one in a couple of weeks and I'm excited to see how everybody looks at the end of those 12 weeks. Now for the 5k run. Brecken, Carole and Jeff all run. Ernie decided to try his hand at it. Then Jonathan found out what he was doing and decided he wanted to join in on the festivities. They went for a practice run last week and They ran it in 38 minutes. That's 3.2 miles. Jonathan is 7. I was quite impressed. His feet hurt after and so we decided he needed better sneakers. He broke them in all last week and this week. Today dawned WAY TOO EARLY! They got up at 6am so they could eat a good breakfast, stretch and go for a small walk before all the running began. Sabrina and I met them at the City Offices, where the race started, about 20 minutes before. It was a zoo. So many people were there. We met up with the others in our party and took some pictures. Then they were off. The shot made Sabrina jump. We left and got some hot chocolate because it was so very cold. Then we drove to Ross Park and waited on the side of the road for Ernie and Jonathan. We just made it in time to get a good picture of them. I tried to get a picture when they were crossing the finish line but my stupid camera decided to act up RIGHT THEN. Oh well. They did it! I'm so proud. Their time was 40 minutes and 2 seconds. Bet next time they beat that record. Ernie has signed up for all the 5k runs this year. Jonathan has caught the bug and I bet he will want to do it too. He has more energy than Ernie and I put together and this is a good way for him to burn it. As for Sabrina, she wants to try but she is still a little too young. We might try the 2 mile walk that's going to happen in a few months. By next year she might just be able to do the 5k. So here are the pictures. I'm so proud of them all!

Ernie's 34th Birthday!

So Ernie officially thinks he became an old man on Saturday April 24th. I assured him that he was well past an old man :) We had the kids that night and so they decided that we were going to make Homemade Lasagna and Brownies for his birthday dinner. I must admit that I over did it because we had so many leftovers we couldn't eat it all. But oh was it yummy! It was nice because that is Ernie's favorite dish. The kids got him a new wallet. He really needed a new one and I had been trying to convince him to get one. The old one was over 12 years old I believe. I gave the kids a couple of different options but I was secretly hoping for the wallet. Got my wish. The kids colored on computer paper and then we wrapped his gift in that. It was nice. On Wednesday night I took him out to dinner at Riggios. I even let him order steamers. For those of you who don't know, I am anti-seafood eating. He enjoyed his dinner and I must say it was SOOO good.

My 29th Birthday

Can you believe how time flies? I remember sitting in Senior Choir my senior year and seeing friends who had graduated come and visit. I thought they were so old. Ha. Not that I am old. I'm not. Ernie constantly reminds me that I'm still a baby. Compared to him, perhaps I am since he will be 34 on Saturday ;) My birthday was pretty great. Nothing better than sleeping in past 7am. I made a Red Velvet Cake that actually turned out super yummy. I spent the entire day reading after my doctors appointment (baby is doing just fine despite the 5lb weight loss this week). Ernie took me out to dinner to the Sandpiper. Never been there before and it was soooooo stinking good. Our neighbor Rod is the manager there and he recomended the best food. We had roasted garlic and sun dried tomatoes with brea cheese and crusty bread. I want to eat that every day for the rest of my life. It was so good. We had steaks and then I got Creme Brulee for my birthday dessert. I was so stuffed by the time I got home that I didn't even eat a piece of cake. I ate it for breakfast though. It's got all the food groups from the food pyramid right? I just have to keep telling my self that. I'm great-full for all the birthday wishes from family and friends. You guys are the best a girl could have!

Monster Trucks & Pocatello Hicks!

Sabrina and I were driving to the post office and listening to Star 98.5. The DJ, Kelly Martenez said the next person to come to the UPS store and donate $5.00 to some charity would win 2 tickets to the Monster Truck show. We were at the stop light so I decided to do it. I had been thinking about buying tickets to the show because I knew the kids would enjoy going. We stopped and donated and got our tickets. I bought two more tickets from ISU and on Saturday April 17th we went to the show. The kids were crazy all day with waiting. We got to the Holt and there they were. The biggest trucks. Jonathan couldn't hold still. Sabrina was just as excited. We found our seats, unfortunately we couldn't sit together. We stayed a couple of hours. It was pure chaos there. We had ear plugs in but that didn't prevent us from hearing the roar of the engines or the screaming HICKS all around. I've never understood the appeal of monster trucks, demolition derbies or wrestling. Apparently Americans love it because the dome was completely sold out. No empty seats. Anyhow. Here are the pictures. I'm glad we went even though it was a tad bit red neck-ish of us.

My little white Dotty cat.

I had to put Dotty to sleep yesterday. Probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I say that about every animal of mine that I've had to put to sleep. She was only 9 and my best friend. I really miss her a ton.

6 month baby updates.

Hard to believe that 6 months has gone by. Baby is doing really well. We had another check up today and the heart beat is fine. She didn't much like the poking of the little wand thingy so she didn't hold still for longer than a minute. She moves often and likes to kick or elbow my bladder. It's the weirdest feeling but I love it. Makes me happy when she moves around, even when it's in the middle of the night and her jab wakes me up. We have another ultra sound scheduled for 4 weeks. Why you may ask? She wouldn't give us a picture of her face. She kept turning so her spine was in view. At least we know that part of her body is perfect for sure. We also need a better picture of her heart. Nothing to worry about though. The midwives are confident that everything is fine. Her heart beat is strong and sounds completely normal, they just want a better picture. I'm also going to have them double check to make sure she really is a girl. I'm still not convinced. Don't ask me why.
The nursery is coming together nicely thanks to our good friends Michelle and Greg. They've given us a ton of stuff including a crib and a carseat/stroller combo. They really are great! Howard and Eve have given us a ton of clothes and the cutest pair of red shoes I've ever seen. My dear sweet granny Buttars and aunt Kris have given us a ton of clothes as well. I'm going to have the best dressed little girl in the world...unless she is a he and then I'm screwed :)
Sabrina is super excited to have a little sister. She offered to let the baby sleep in her bed the other day. We didn't have the crib when she said this. I had to let her know that the baby would have her own bed and she wouldn't be able to sleep with her. She said she understood but the baby could if she wanted too. How sweet. I'm glad that she offered.
Jonathan is super excited as well. I think at first (about 10 seconds) he was sad it wasn't going to be a boy that he could play cars with. Then a big smile split his face and he was happy. He gets a big grin on his face whenever someone asks him about his new little sister. He'll be a great big brother and defend both of his sisters when they need it.
Ernie is the silent type but he seems pretty happy about the news. When we were at the ultrasound appointment he tried to look away so he wouldn't see the sex of this baby but he didn't look fast enough and baby was in a very accommodating mood. He thought he saw a boy. We had told the ultrasound tech that he didn't want to know what it was so she didn't say a single thing. After he had left she told me it was a girl and he had seen the umbilical cord. I tried to keep it a secret. He told everybody at Molinellies that it was a boy. I agreed then showed them a paper that said it was a girl and a secret. I announced it on Facebook with little concern that he would see it. He never gets on his page and even when he does, he doesn't get updates. The secret was out though because his ex-sister-in-law told him. Yes, I was and am more than a little irked. I mean really! I posted that it was a secret and to not tell him. Not exactly sure why she or any of her family was looking at my facebook page. Oh well. The cat's out of the bag now.
Mom has been a dear for the last 3 months...not me, my mom :) She just left today and I miss her already. It was fun to have her around. I've missed her over the last 5 years. She's been a great help and I can't wait till her and dad move back home. They aren't sure when that will be. Stinking railroad. They suck. At least I won't have to wait more than 3 months to see them as they will be rushing home the week I am due.
As for me...I am feeling more pregnant every day. I've got the stomach and all to prove it. Who would have thought that a tiny little baby the size of a mango (that's how big she is right now) would make a body feel so sick and so great at the same time? My sleeping habits have greatly changed. I swear I can't get enough of it. I go to bed at 8 or there about every night. Most of the time I get up at 8 or sometime right after that. I'd take a nap in the day if I could but I just can't fall asleep when the sun is shining. Not sure why. I finally got a body pillow and that seems to help with getting comfortable at night. I find that I'm really really grouchy. I'm trying to do better. I take time for just me. If chocolate is involved it's even better. I don't eat too much of it though because people say it's linked to heart burn and I've yet to have that. PLUS I don't want to get gestational diabetes. I really watch what I eat. I've had NO weird food cravings much to my husbands relief. I don't think he'd really like to go out for Chunky Monkey ice cream and corn nuts at 2 am. The only thing I can't seem to get enough of is Pineapple. I love it. But I've always loved it.
So anyhow. That is the update. It's a long one. I'm also going to post pictures from the ultrasound. They are pretty clear and one of them is so stinking cute. She is holding her finger up to her mouth. Looks like she is saying "Sshhh mom! I'm trying to sleep!" Hope you enjoy and hope all is well for you and your loved ones!

Baby blanket

So I decided a few months ago I was going to make a baby blanket. At that point in time I didn't know what I was having so I got some yellow baby yarn. I started the blanket but the motion made me so sick to my stomach I thought I'd I stopped. About 5 weeks ago I started again. I knew I was having a girl but I didn't want to make a pink blanket. So instead I decided to do a white one for her blessing day. It's taken a long time, but I finally finished it today! I'm really proud of myself for doing it. It looks good. Thanks to my good friend Mary W for teaching me the pattern all those years ago. Here are some pictures to go along.

Baby bump and Ultrasound pictures

So I thought I'd put some pictures of my ever rounding belly up. Ernie told me I wasn't allowed to complain about being fat anymore because I put the pictures up...that's what he thinks. So here they are.

Boy or Girl?

IT'S A GIRL!!!! Due June 25, 2010!!

It's about time!

So...Life has been busy with our little family. I know it's no excuse for not updating our blog so I here I go. Jonathan got great grades in Kindergarten. No surprise there. He is such a smart little boy. Can't believe how big he's gotten since I came into the picture. We celebrated Sabrina's birthday in September. She's 5 now and getting so tall. It's so strange because when we met she was 3. So weird. I've got pictures of her birthday so I will post those as soon as I get the computer working again. During the year, starting end of January I got a 2nd job at Great Harvest Bread Co. So much fun. They have really really good bread. Darn it! It was lots of fun working there. I made a ton of good friends and met some really eccentric people. In October I found out I was pregnant. Surprise! Nobody was more so than I. For over 10 years doctors had told me it would be difficult if not impossible to get that way. Once again, surprise. Obviously the Lord had much different idea in mind. So glad he did. It's been great and very hard at the same time. When I found out I cried all day long. I wasn't sad. Just in complete shock and so very happy. The weeks since then have been difficult. I quit my job at Great Harvest. I found it hard to help people and then bolt to the bathroom to heave my guts up. Working at Pampered Pets has had it's obstacles too. Smells that normally wouldn't get to me now make me sicker than a dog...every pun intended. I still enjoy working with animals though. It's great because right now I am the boss lady and I can set my hours. My customers have been very understanding as well. Most of them are women who have been pregnant and understand mornings are hard. I also have gotten used to the stares I receive when I have to pull my car over, open the door and puke in the road. If I wasn't so sick I would find the looks completely comical. Especially coming from men. I decided to go with the Nurse Midwives for baby care. My sister in law, Krystal went with them and they did such a good job and came highly recommended. I must say that so far they have given me a ton of support. I'm on a ton of medicine to help with the constant throwing up and they have made sure that me and baby are well taken care of. I am confident in them and their care of us. When we told the kids they were pretty happy. When Sabrina prays she asks for the baby to come out, or to stop making Brooke so stinking sick, or that the baby will be strong. She also asked to give me a hug the other day...then she said "Hey Brooke, guess what? When I hug you I hug the baby too huh?" or she once said "Hey are either having a boy or it's a girl." She is so funny. She wants a sister but I think she'd be fine with a boy. Jonathan is more the silent type but he's still excited. He told me he doesn't want a stinking girl. He want's a boy to play cars with. So funny. Either way they are both excited to be big brother and big sister. Any way....I think it's a boy. Not sure why. Just do. I guess in February we will find out. Baby Upshaw is due June 27, 2010. Can't wait. On another happy note. Mom and dad got called home! Yay! That means no more Nebraska. I know they will miss the people there but this is what they have wanted for so long. They should be home by December 17th. When mom heard the news she started packing and had most of it done that night. I guess she's a tad excited too. I'm glad they will be home soon. I've missed them madly and it will be nice to have family for Christmas. Anyway, that's our life the last few months. I'll try to keep it up from now on.

Lagoon 2009

Lance and Julie B gave us 4 tickets to Lagoon last summer. I know it's been a long time coming but here are the pictures from that day. It was so much fun and sooo hot. The kids had a blast. I thought Sabrina would shy away from the big rides. Oh no! She was crazy about them. Laughed like a loon. Jonathan got a little scared on the ride that shot you up and dropped you down. The look on his face was priceless. The kid setting next to him kept trying to calm him down. I didn't go on some of the rides because I am CHICKEN. Yes, I can admit it. After the long day at Lagoon we went and spent some time with my grandma Buttars and aunt Kris. It was really nice seeing them and they were so sweet with the kids. After that we went to dinner with Ernie's brother and sister-in-law Dwaine and Robin. We ate at the Lone Star. It's a steak place in Centerville. So yummy. By the time we left it was late and even later when we got home. Kids slept like a rock on the ride home. So did I. Any how, it was a great day and we are very thankful that Lance and Julie gave us the tickets!