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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Student Led Discussion

We went to Jonathan and Sabrina's Student Led Discussion on Thursday. Proud to say that Sabrina knows 73 letter sounds, well above average (and everybody else in class). To show everybody in class how well they are doing with this, Mrs. Davies made a Huge palm tree that is from kindergarten desk height to the ceiling. Sabrina's monkey is at the very top. Everybody else is floundering around 55-60! What a smart girl. As for Jonathan, He's in the 100's club. This is a club for those students in the second grade who are reading 100 words per minute. Jonathan proudly informed us that night he is reading 121 words per minute. Wahoo! Kids are doing great in school! They were so excited to show us the work they have been doing in school and it was great to see how well they are adapting to circumstances beyond their control. You should have seen Jonathan. For the first few minutes he was so shy. It was too funny. His teacher, Mrs. Commons was a little shocked because he ISN'T a shy kid. As for Sabrina, she had to show us everything. Didn't matter if it was on her list or not. Everything. She is one smart little cookie for sure. As for Jonathan, he is doing such a great job. He loves science and math. He is so very smart and such a big helper in his class. Mrs. Commons loves to teach him and is doing such a great job.

Monday, April 11, 2011

TLC's Extreme Couponing.

I'm at a little loss for words when It comes to this show. At first I was stoked. I DVR'd it and then watched as each of those ladies (and a husband) saved hundreds of dollars on even more items. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days! I want to get the same deals that these women do. I want to have a stockpile in my basement that could last my entire family a year. Realistically though, what some of them bought didn't make any sense. 70 or so bottles of Mustard? Stating that it never goes bad? Sure, if you are a mustard lover, go for it. However, most of us in the real world will NEVER use 70 bottles of mustard before it goes bad, and it will eventually. What they didn't show on the TV was that hopefully, some of these products were donated to a food bank or some sort of charity. Do we really need thousands of toothbrushes? Unless you are OCD and need a new toothbrush EVERYDAY, what are you going to do with them all? Now, as I was saying, I was so happy that TLC was doing a show on couponing. I love to coupon. It's not just a necessity for me anymore. Even if I had a million dollars, I'd probably still coupon. It's fun and I love to save money. But at what cost are we willing to save a few pennies? Would you be willing to commit fraud? Some people think that coupon fraud is no big deal. To those, I say you are wrong. It makes everybody suffer. Because of the fraudulent ways of some, our grocery prices get hiked up. Gee thanks. Some of you know who I am talking about. One J'amie was featured on TLC's Extreme Couponing. Shame on her. She denies doing anything wrong. It's sad really. I'm sure she is a really nice person. I'm sure she thinks she hasn't done anything wrong. IF she hasn't, I will be the first to apologize, however, the evidence is pretty compelling that she did in fact commit fraud. In essence, she has stolen hundreds, perhaps even thousands, from unknowing stores. I wonder what will happen now that these stores know her name? I also wonder how adversely this will affect coupon ladies who actually follow the rules. Sure, I've saved money. Who doesn't like doing that? However, if it came down to it. Would you cheat a store out of money and product? I sure wouldn't. Jail house orange doesn't suit me and that's what will happen when you steal.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extreme Couponing with TLC!!!!

How sad is this? I am sooooooooooooooo stoked for TLC's new series, Extreme Couponing. I've got it recording on my tv and I will tune in tomorrow, with a bowl of free popcorn (thanks to a coupon) and happily watch. It's a little sad and a little funny all at the same time. I know to some this seems lame. My dad has told me that I'm obsessive. I'm not. If I was, I would have gone to Fred Meyer or Smiths today and purchased all the Oral B toothbrushes that are FREE!!! I already have 10 toothbrushes. I don't need any more for a while. Why not get free items? If I have never used it before, I probably wouldn't purchase it. HOWEVER, if it was Free, I will go pick a couple up and who knows? Maybe it is something that I won't be able to live without. Right now, I am starting to run out of room. I'm going to have to move my cleaning products to a different place. Probably upstairs underneath the bathroom sink. We are also looking in to building a new pantry upstairs in our kitchen where the current waste of space we now call a pantry is. So anyway. Thus is my life. Some may call it an addiction (in my opinion it is) Some may call be compulsive or obsessive...perhaps. However, I will be laughing my way to the bank in a years time when I have saved $10,000 and the doubters are still lamenting over my .50 box of cereal and their empty wallets.