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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mini Vacations

I love vacation time. Since we didn't really want to travel with me being so hugely pregnant and the baby due any day now, we decided to take a mini vacation over Memorial Day weekend. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, went swimming, watched ate at the restaurant. kids had a ton of fun in the pool. I got some great pictures of Jonathan drenching all within his splash/swimming range, that included people NOT in the pool. Sabrina seemed to swallow the whole pool. She hasn't quite grasped you aren't supposed to breath underwater yet. We are going to have to sign them up for more swimming lessons. Soon they will be like little fish. Despite Ernie's hatred of pictures, I got some of him helping the kids in the pool. No, you won't find pictures of me, I hate to swim with a wicked burning passion. Wrinkly fingers and toes for fun? No thanks! Perhaps in a few years we will take a real vacation. Ernie and the kids have never seen an ocean. I think they'd like that. It would be fun to start at the Oregon Coast and drive down through the Redwoods. I've never seen that part of the Cali coast. Then a little trip to Disney World or Lego Land...Hmmm...I'll have to save my pennies. Anyway, hope you all are enjoying our "summer" weather and you get a little mini vacation or the real thing. Pictures soon to come!

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