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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Student Led Discussion

We went to Jonathan and Sabrina's Student Led Discussion on Thursday. Proud to say that Sabrina knows 73 letter sounds, well above average (and everybody else in class). To show everybody in class how well they are doing with this, Mrs. Davies made a Huge palm tree that is from kindergarten desk height to the ceiling. Sabrina's monkey is at the very top. Everybody else is floundering around 55-60! What a smart girl. As for Jonathan, He's in the 100's club. This is a club for those students in the second grade who are reading 100 words per minute. Jonathan proudly informed us that night he is reading 121 words per minute. Wahoo! Kids are doing great in school! They were so excited to show us the work they have been doing in school and it was great to see how well they are adapting to circumstances beyond their control. You should have seen Jonathan. For the first few minutes he was so shy. It was too funny. His teacher, Mrs. Commons was a little shocked because he ISN'T a shy kid. As for Sabrina, she had to show us everything. Didn't matter if it was on her list or not. Everything. She is one smart little cookie for sure. As for Jonathan, he is doing such a great job. He loves science and math. He is so very smart and such a big helper in his class. Mrs. Commons loves to teach him and is doing such a great job.

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