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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tag your it!


5 years ago…

1. Living in Twin Falls, ID.
2. Working on the weekends only...oh the days!
3. I wanted to be a nurse, and a chef, and a singer.
4.Realized that I HATED school.
5.Jumped into a freezing cold lake fully clothed...brrrrrrr!

Things on my list for today-

1. Wash dishes.
2.Wash kitchen cabinets.
3. Re-organize the pantry.
4. Make dinner for the family.
5. Decorate the house for Halloween.

Snacks I enjoy-

1. Cheesecake.
2. Chocolate
3. Fresh Fruit
4. Coconut
5. Twix Candy bars.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire-
(I couldn't narrow it to just 5, sorry)

1.Put all of it into a couple of different banks and live off the interest accrued.
2. Pay tithing
3. Buy a nice house with a permanent housekeeper.
4. Buy my families houses with permanent housekeepers.
5. Set up trust funds for my kids for missions, college and marriage.
6. Clothes and shoes and a HUGE closet to put it all in.

Places I have lived:

1. Pocatello, Idaho
2. Twin Falls, Idaho
3. A really gross apartment up on the hill full of spiders.
4. A place on Washington.
5. My house.

Jobs I have had:

1. Kitchen help with an assisted living place.
2. Continental Bistro a long time ago.
3. Convergys...something I will never do again!
4. CSI as a math paper corrector...I liked my professor. He was nice.
5. PPets. I love it!

Krystal and Stephanie

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