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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

Oh boy! It's been so long since I've updated so here goes...Thanksgiving was awesome. This was my first Thanksgiving with Ernie and the kids. We got the kids early and that was nice. We drove up to Ernie's parents house that Thursday and spent the day with "papa and Gigi" We ate Turkey and stuffing and all the good things that go along with that. I made cranberry sauce and it was divine. Thanks aunt Kris for the recipe! It was late when we got home. The kids just fell asleep in the car and we had to carry them in. The next day aunt Jolene and all the kids came to Pocatello and watched the Christmas Light Parade. It was so much fun. Jonathan and Sabrina were so excited to see all their cousins. We went to Butterburrs for dinner and I'm sure the waitress was stressed at the sheer number of people who were there. 18 is a large number to serve. Our friends Michelle and Greg and their kids went to the parade and dinner with us. It was way nice seeing them too! On Saturday we were going to go up early to see everybody, but they decided to come back to Poky and shop. We spent a couple of hours at Mollinellies, that's where Ernie works. Then all of us, Me,the kids, Jolene, her two grandkids, Ralph, Idella, Duane, Robin and their two kids went shopping at Walmart. Wow there were a ton of us! After Walmart, all the men got sick of shopping and when they heard we were going to Head over Heels in the mall, they bailed on us...all except Jonathan that is...he's tough enough to handle a bunch of women in a shoe store! We finally made it home 4 pairs of shoes, 1 skirt and 1 shirt later. We had so much fun laughing and talking and watching the kids. We made dinner and it was so nummy! We let the kids stay up super late and they enjoyed playing games and watching movies and playing with their cousins and the dog. We almost got Duane to play Phase 10...almost but not quite. We were satisfied when he sat at the table and bs'd with us. Finally everybody settled down and went to sleep. Whew! It had been a long day. We spent the remainder of our Thanksgiving weekend visiting and of course, eating. We left late Sunday afternoon and we can't wait to see all of our cousins again soon. We missed my family. They were stuck in that awful town in Nebraska. Poor family. It was a good thing we sort of celebrated early when they were in town earlier November. It wasn't the quite the same as my younger brother Marshall was still in Nebraska working. We spent the evening eating yummy turkey and dressing that my momma made. She is such a wonderful cook. I made a cherry pie from scratch...ok, it was semi-homemade, but it still tasted good...well, that's what the boys said. I don't eat cherry pie or any other fruit pie for that matter. Anyway...It was nice to have most of my family there. I really miss Marshall and can't wait to see him again. Here are some pictures of the Light Parade and Thanksgiving. Sorry my Camera isn't so good when it's dark. I can't get the flash to work. So...enjoy!

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