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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big News #2!

If that title didn't make you wonder, then perhaps this will February 24, 2012....9 months from now....yes, that's right. We are having another baby! Woah...tap the breaks a second. I know, some of you may be thinking "I remember you saying it's going to be a couple of years before you get preggy again" Before I turned 30 that's true. But in April, that changed. I turned the big 30 and Ernie turned 35. I kept thinking to myself that I didn't want to be one of those women who dropped their kids off to kindergarten and her daughter had to hide her face in shame because one of her new little friends asked why is her grandma taking her to school and not her mom. Ouch. Anyway...we decided to have another baby. Too exciting right? We told the kids and Jonathan proclaimed that he "DOESN'T WANT ANOTHER SISTER" When we asked Sabrina what she thought we were having, she said "It's time for Jonathan to have a brother, so that's what you are having" Ha ha. I hope she is right. Boy or girl? I'M stoked no matter what. I'm not too far along only about 4 weeks, but I knew at 2. We were dropping the kids off to visit Joyce for the summer. We drove to Montana and I was incredibly sick the whole time. I couldn't quite figure out why. I do get car sick, but this was on the ridiculous side of car sick. I wanted to take a test right then, but didn't. On the way home, Ernie had to stop the car by a river. I was so sure I was going to puke and feed a colony of fire ants. I didn't, but I was so sick. I told him I thought I was prego, but he didn't believe me. Oh yea of little faith. A woman knows. Especially after being pregnant once before. I took a test a few days later, but it was way too early. Then on Tuesday, June 14th, I couldn't wait any longer. I took a test and then resolved myself to not look for 3 minutes. 3 MINUTES?! Are you kidding, that is an eternity when waiting for something potentially life changing. I didn't make it 2 minutes....2 pink lines. WHAT DO TWO PINK LINES MEAN? I'm pregnant! I jumped up and down, called Ernie, who was in shock, and than ran upstairs and promptly started balling when I saw my mom. I had a weird sense of de ja vue (sp?) I did this same thing when I found out about Aleyah. So, any how! We are having another baby. This time around I am hoping for a boy. 1 girl and 1 boy. Perfect. No matter what the sex, I'm super stoked. Now, yesterday I went garage selling. I love it. I wanted to purchase some newborn boy clothing. I know, it's much to early to tell what I'm having. Here is my reasoning. If this baby is a boy, I will have a ton of clothing that I didn't pay very much for. When babies are newborn, they don't stay little for long, so most of the clothing I find for newborns are nice and haven't been worn down. If I find out that we are having a girl, then I'm really not out anything because I have a million girl clothes and I can sell the boy clothes at my yard sale next year for the same price I paid. Anyway, like I said, I was out garage selling yesterday and I found a killer one with tons of boy clothes in great condition. I also found a couple Maternity shirts for $1.00. I brought them up to the lady so I could purchase them. Aleyah was in a stroller in front of me. I was making a comment to mom about the short sleeve onesie won't work because it will be Feb when this baby is born and too cold. The lady took one look at Aleyah and then looked at me and said "You are pregnant?" I said yes. Then she said "Is that baby yours?" I said yes. She then replied "And you are pregnant already?" Ha, the gall of some people. I said yes, she is nearly a year and by the time this baby is born, they will be 18 months apart. I wanted to tell her I'm a Mormon mom, but I don't want to lump all of us together. After I told mom what she said (we were getting in the car), she told me I should have told her my eggs were drying up fast and I had to get all my kids here. I didn't think that was wise because that would insinuate that I'm getting old. I'm not. 30 isn't old. 90 is. I had to chuckle over this woman's comments. They aren't the first I've gotten, nor will they be the last. Oh well, I don't care! We are having another little baby!

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lisa said...

I said "um gotta get my kids here BEFORE my eggs dry up...but I guess its nunya business." haha would have loved to see her face after that