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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ernie's 34th Birthday!

So Ernie officially thinks he became an old man on Saturday April 24th. I assured him that he was well past an old man :) We had the kids that night and so they decided that we were going to make Homemade Lasagna and Brownies for his birthday dinner. I must admit that I over did it because we had so many leftovers we couldn't eat it all. But oh was it yummy! It was nice because that is Ernie's favorite dish. The kids got him a new wallet. He really needed a new one and I had been trying to convince him to get one. The old one was over 12 years old I believe. I gave the kids a couple of different options but I was secretly hoping for the wallet. Got my wish. The kids colored on computer paper and then we wrapped his gift in that. It was nice. On Wednesday night I took him out to dinner at Riggios. I even let him order steamers. For those of you who don't know, I am anti-seafood eating. He enjoyed his dinner and I must say it was SOOO good.

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