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Saturday, May 1, 2010

6 month baby updates.

Hard to believe that 6 months has gone by. Baby is doing really well. We had another check up today and the heart beat is fine. She didn't much like the poking of the little wand thingy so she didn't hold still for longer than a minute. She moves often and likes to kick or elbow my bladder. It's the weirdest feeling but I love it. Makes me happy when she moves around, even when it's in the middle of the night and her jab wakes me up. We have another ultra sound scheduled for 4 weeks. Why you may ask? She wouldn't give us a picture of her face. She kept turning so her spine was in view. At least we know that part of her body is perfect for sure. We also need a better picture of her heart. Nothing to worry about though. The midwives are confident that everything is fine. Her heart beat is strong and sounds completely normal, they just want a better picture. I'm also going to have them double check to make sure she really is a girl. I'm still not convinced. Don't ask me why.
The nursery is coming together nicely thanks to our good friends Michelle and Greg. They've given us a ton of stuff including a crib and a carseat/stroller combo. They really are great! Howard and Eve have given us a ton of clothes and the cutest pair of red shoes I've ever seen. My dear sweet granny Buttars and aunt Kris have given us a ton of clothes as well. I'm going to have the best dressed little girl in the world...unless she is a he and then I'm screwed :)
Sabrina is super excited to have a little sister. She offered to let the baby sleep in her bed the other day. We didn't have the crib when she said this. I had to let her know that the baby would have her own bed and she wouldn't be able to sleep with her. She said she understood but the baby could if she wanted too. How sweet. I'm glad that she offered.
Jonathan is super excited as well. I think at first (about 10 seconds) he was sad it wasn't going to be a boy that he could play cars with. Then a big smile split his face and he was happy. He gets a big grin on his face whenever someone asks him about his new little sister. He'll be a great big brother and defend both of his sisters when they need it.
Ernie is the silent type but he seems pretty happy about the news. When we were at the ultrasound appointment he tried to look away so he wouldn't see the sex of this baby but he didn't look fast enough and baby was in a very accommodating mood. He thought he saw a boy. We had told the ultrasound tech that he didn't want to know what it was so she didn't say a single thing. After he had left she told me it was a girl and he had seen the umbilical cord. I tried to keep it a secret. He told everybody at Molinellies that it was a boy. I agreed then showed them a paper that said it was a girl and a secret. I announced it on Facebook with little concern that he would see it. He never gets on his page and even when he does, he doesn't get updates. The secret was out though because his ex-sister-in-law told him. Yes, I was and am more than a little irked. I mean really! I posted that it was a secret and to not tell him. Not exactly sure why she or any of her family was looking at my facebook page. Oh well. The cat's out of the bag now.
Mom has been a dear for the last 3 months...not me, my mom :) She just left today and I miss her already. It was fun to have her around. I've missed her over the last 5 years. She's been a great help and I can't wait till her and dad move back home. They aren't sure when that will be. Stinking railroad. They suck. At least I won't have to wait more than 3 months to see them as they will be rushing home the week I am due.
As for me...I am feeling more pregnant every day. I've got the stomach and all to prove it. Who would have thought that a tiny little baby the size of a mango (that's how big she is right now) would make a body feel so sick and so great at the same time? My sleeping habits have greatly changed. I swear I can't get enough of it. I go to bed at 8 or there about every night. Most of the time I get up at 8 or sometime right after that. I'd take a nap in the day if I could but I just can't fall asleep when the sun is shining. Not sure why. I finally got a body pillow and that seems to help with getting comfortable at night. I find that I'm really really grouchy. I'm trying to do better. I take time for just me. If chocolate is involved it's even better. I don't eat too much of it though because people say it's linked to heart burn and I've yet to have that. PLUS I don't want to get gestational diabetes. I really watch what I eat. I've had NO weird food cravings much to my husbands relief. I don't think he'd really like to go out for Chunky Monkey ice cream and corn nuts at 2 am. The only thing I can't seem to get enough of is Pineapple. I love it. But I've always loved it.
So anyhow. That is the update. It's a long one. I'm also going to post pictures from the ultrasound. They are pretty clear and one of them is so stinking cute. She is holding her finger up to her mouth. Looks like she is saying "Sshhh mom! I'm trying to sleep!" Hope you enjoy and hope all is well for you and your loved ones!

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