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Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's about time!

So...Life has been busy with our little family. I know it's no excuse for not updating our blog so I here I go. Jonathan got great grades in Kindergarten. No surprise there. He is such a smart little boy. Can't believe how big he's gotten since I came into the picture. We celebrated Sabrina's birthday in September. She's 5 now and getting so tall. It's so strange because when we met she was 3. So weird. I've got pictures of her birthday so I will post those as soon as I get the computer working again. During the year, starting end of January I got a 2nd job at Great Harvest Bread Co. So much fun. They have really really good bread. Darn it! It was lots of fun working there. I made a ton of good friends and met some really eccentric people. In October I found out I was pregnant. Surprise! Nobody was more so than I. For over 10 years doctors had told me it would be difficult if not impossible to get that way. Once again, surprise. Obviously the Lord had much different idea in mind. So glad he did. It's been great and very hard at the same time. When I found out I cried all day long. I wasn't sad. Just in complete shock and so very happy. The weeks since then have been difficult. I quit my job at Great Harvest. I found it hard to help people and then bolt to the bathroom to heave my guts up. Working at Pampered Pets has had it's obstacles too. Smells that normally wouldn't get to me now make me sicker than a dog...every pun intended. I still enjoy working with animals though. It's great because right now I am the boss lady and I can set my hours. My customers have been very understanding as well. Most of them are women who have been pregnant and understand mornings are hard. I also have gotten used to the stares I receive when I have to pull my car over, open the door and puke in the road. If I wasn't so sick I would find the looks completely comical. Especially coming from men. I decided to go with the Nurse Midwives for baby care. My sister in law, Krystal went with them and they did such a good job and came highly recommended. I must say that so far they have given me a ton of support. I'm on a ton of medicine to help with the constant throwing up and they have made sure that me and baby are well taken care of. I am confident in them and their care of us. When we told the kids they were pretty happy. When Sabrina prays she asks for the baby to come out, or to stop making Brooke so stinking sick, or that the baby will be strong. She also asked to give me a hug the other day...then she said "Hey Brooke, guess what? When I hug you I hug the baby too huh?" or she once said "Hey are either having a boy or it's a girl." She is so funny. She wants a sister but I think she'd be fine with a boy. Jonathan is more the silent type but he's still excited. He told me he doesn't want a stinking girl. He want's a boy to play cars with. So funny. Either way they are both excited to be big brother and big sister. Any way....I think it's a boy. Not sure why. Just do. I guess in February we will find out. Baby Upshaw is due June 27, 2010. Can't wait. On another happy note. Mom and dad got called home! Yay! That means no more Nebraska. I know they will miss the people there but this is what they have wanted for so long. They should be home by December 17th. When mom heard the news she started packing and had most of it done that night. I guess she's a tad excited too. I'm glad they will be home soon. I've missed them madly and it will be nice to have family for Christmas. Anyway, that's our life the last few months. I'll try to keep it up from now on.

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