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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monster Trucks & Pocatello Hicks!

Sabrina and I were driving to the post office and listening to Star 98.5. The DJ, Kelly Martenez said the next person to come to the UPS store and donate $5.00 to some charity would win 2 tickets to the Monster Truck show. We were at the stop light so I decided to do it. I had been thinking about buying tickets to the show because I knew the kids would enjoy going. We stopped and donated and got our tickets. I bought two more tickets from ISU and on Saturday April 17th we went to the show. The kids were crazy all day with waiting. We got to the Holt and there they were. The biggest trucks. Jonathan couldn't hold still. Sabrina was just as excited. We found our seats, unfortunately we couldn't sit together. We stayed a couple of hours. It was pure chaos there. We had ear plugs in but that didn't prevent us from hearing the roar of the engines or the screaming HICKS all around. I've never understood the appeal of monster trucks, demolition derbies or wrestling. Apparently Americans love it because the dome was completely sold out. No empty seats. Anyhow. Here are the pictures. I'm glad we went even though it was a tad bit red neck-ish of us.

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