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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

American Idol part II

I tried out for American Idol!! I have wanted to do so for a couple of years and I did it. What an experience. I'm not going to say I'll ever do it again, but it was an experience. We left Poky at 11:00 pm on Monday Night. We got to our hotel around 2:30 am and a half hour later we were dead asleep. My alarm woke us up at 4:15 but my cousin was already up. We'd only slept for an hour and a half. I was so tired but so charged at the same time. We had to be in line as close to 5 am as possible. We walked the 3 blocks to the Energy Solutions Arena (formerly known as the Delta Center) It was dark outside but there were hundreds of people already up and about. When we got to the arena it was crazy! SOOOOO many people. We waited in line until 8 am and they finally let us inside. We did camera work for a couple of hours and then learned a couple of songs. It's pretty great being surrounded by so many talented people. They started auditions around 10:30 am. I knew it would be several hours before it was going to be my turn. There were at least 1,000 people there. Perhaps more. It was hard to pay attention because it there was so much energy in the room. It wasn't loud even though there was singing going on all around us. Everybody practicing their individual songs. It only got loud when we were doing the camera work and they asked us to scream. And then the host came in a people went crazy. One girl yelled out at a quite moment, " I want your babies!" they got that recorded and so we had to start all over again. It finally became my turn around 2:30pm. They had it set up that one section at a time would go. Doesn't seem like a lot but when each section had a couple hundred people auditioning it ended up taking a long time. You auditioned 4 people at a time to a couple of producers. When it was your turn you would step forward, sing for 20 to30 seconds or whenever the producer would put their hand up to stop you and then you would step back and let the other people in your group sing. The producers would discuss privately and then your fate would be decided. If they didn't like you, you would go to the left and your wrist band would be cut off and you would exit the building. If you were chosen, you were given a sticker with a number on it and a "golden ticket" and you exited on the right. Of course I didn't make it. There were so many people in my section alone that were amazing. They thanked my entire table for auditioning. They said I had a beautiful voice but just not what they were looking for. I'm ok with that. I didn't go expecting or even hoping that I would walk to the next audition. I did it so that I could say I did it. Would I do it again? Probably not. Going there I realized that my dreams have changed since I got married. I still love to sing and will continue doing it until I no longer can. I've got a great voice and I'm not going to waste it but I'm not going to waste my marriage or my family. They are my dream now.

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