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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Wedding Day

I can still remember the feeling as I woke up. I slept the entire night through. I was surprised of that. I woke up fairly late, 8 am. I had my hair appointment around 10 that morning so I hurried to get ready. After my hair was done, I made a quick trip to the mall to get a few things. I was walking into the LDS Distribution center when I saw Sabrina and Jonathan. Then I saw their daddy. I was so ecstatic to see them. In just 2 hours we would be driving to Bountiful Utah to get married! I gave them all hugs and promised that I would see them very soon. I finished up at the store and went home to pack for our honeymoon. I know, procrastination is my middle name. I hadn't done any packing. I had a million things to do and just two hours to do it all in. My mom had a list of things that needed to be done before we got home from the wedding so I wasn't too stressed out. We left around 12 and met his parents in Downey. They drove behind us and as the time got closer to 2:00 I started to get really nervous. We had to be at the Temple by 2:30 so we could get everything ready. We walked inside and droped the kids off with family and friends. That's when I first met my husbands brother and wife, Duane and Robin and their kids. It was love at first sight. They made me feel so comfortable despite the butterflies in my belly from both meeting them and joining their family in little under an hour. We went into the waiting room and I saw my daddy. I hadn't seen him since Christmas. He got really teary and just seeing that made me cry a little. I tried hard because I didn't want to look like I was bawling when we were sealed and for our pictures. Everything happend so fast. We were married around 4 pm by the sweetest man in the world. Friends and family surrounded us and I couldn't have asked for more. Pictures took forever and I'm not going to lie when I say I was anxious to get back to Pocatello. It was a long drive. Ernies family watched the kids in Downey and we went on our way. Not going to say anything about that's none of your business. I guess words can't describe what I felt that day. I was sealed for Time and Eternity to my best friend. Nothing can break us apart and I am so greatful that we, me, Ernie, Jonathan, and Sabrina are an eternal family and that when we have children, they too will be sealed to us forever. I am so greatful to my parents for raising me in such a way that I was able to receive this great blessing and I am truely greatful to Ernies parents that they did the same thing.

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