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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How we met

So, I guess it's about time everybody learned our story. Sooo, where to begin. Ernie works for my uncle Lance and Molinellies Jewler. He also works with my two brother Garrett and Morgan. He worked there for four years and we had met just once. After that I never really paid attention because he was married. I brought treats down every once in a while for the boys. Mostly because Garrett and Morgan would call and tell me it was time for my monthly treat stop.

I found out Ernie and his wife were getting a divorce in September of 07. I was sad because nobody should end up divorced. I never dreamed that he was my Knight in Shining Armor. Garrett told Ernie he should take me out on a date. Ernie said he wasn't going to date his sister.

I guess it really all started with a ring. I needed my CTR ring sized down. I left it at the shop and the boys said it would take awhile to get it done. I believe it was the next evening that I got it back. Morgan handed it to me while we were out to dinner with our daddy. I thanked them for getting it done so fast. Garrett told me not to thank him, but to thank Ernie. Morgan then told me that he thought Ernie had a little bit of a crush on me because he never did things like that. After ten minutes of haggling, Garrett finally gave me Ernie's cell number. I sent him a text message thanking for my ring. We sent text messages back and forth over the next few days.

When we started this, I only thought we'd be friends. At this time I was dating another boy and it looked like I was going to be engaged shortly. I went down to the store and looked at engagement rings as an idea of what I'd like to have. I thought my brothers would be there the whole time, but they were going to lunch. Ernie was just going to work through his. He said he didn't mind if I kept him company. I held books of engagement and wedding rings in my lap and talked to Ernie the entire time my brothers were gone. We discussed everything. Our fears and hopes and dreams. We talked about his failed marriage and everything that had gone wrong. I left with the newfound decision to break up with the boy because I had found the man of my dreams. Now how to do it.

I called and tried that way. I didn't want to go and see him because I didn't want him to try and talk me into it. He wouldn't listen. I didn't want him to come down and see me because I didn't know if he would leave or not. I decided to go and do it face to face. It was a Friday night and he planned a date. The next morning he woke me up really early and gave me a ring. I didn't say yes. I took it only because I didn't want to hurt his feelings and because I didn't want his mom to find the ring. I sent Ernie a text telling him that this boy had given me a ring. It wasn't an engagement ring, it was a promise ring. I didn't want to make a promise I couldn't keep. Ernie told me to tell him the truth. I drove home and cried half the time. I didn't love him and knew that I never would.

That night Ernie asked if I wanted to come and watch a movie with him and his kids. I declined saying I didn't want our first date to be with his kids. I wanted him all to myself. Late Saturday night he finally asked me out on a date. He was really nervous because he'd been married for nine years and divorced for only three weeks.

I was so excited. Our first date was on Monday, October 22, 2007. We went to my singles ward family home evening. We were carving pumpkins and then giving them away. If was fun. We made one for Eva Nye and delivered it to her. By we I mean Ernie. I made one with a witch on it. The bishop took us to deliver it and the entire time we were in the car with him, it felt like a fathers/bishop interview: Where do you work and how old are you were some of the questions. I swear he was sweating bullets. After FHE we took a drive. About ten or so he got a call from his kids. That's what did it for me. I heard the love and sadness and concern in his voice for those two little kids and my heart was lost. He dropped me off at around midnight and I asked if he wanted to come in a talk for awhile. He finally left very early in the am. No, we didn't kiss.

The next day he asked if he could come by because he had my pumpkin in the trunk of his car. He said he could only stay for a few minutes but he ended up staying for hours. We talked on my front porch. As he walked away, I got the sweet confirmation that this was the man I was going to marry for time and all eternity. I just knew.

I still had this other boys ring and was at a loss for a way to break it to him nicely but in a way that would be final. During the two days with Ernie, I didn't answer phone calls from the other kid. I didn't want to have him intrude on our conversation. Wednesday came around and Ernie and I were together again at my house. Again this guy kept calling but I didn't answer. I was still unsure of how to do it without breaking his heart. Around 3 I finally called him. He asked about Ernie and if we were just friends. I had told him at first we started out that way but I knew I was going to marry him. I got his address and told him I'd send everything of his back as soon as I could.

Thursday night Ernie called and asked if I wanted to come to dinner. The kids wanted to meet me. I drove up and there they were. Jonathan with his blond blond hair and Sabrina with her sweet smile. We ate spaghetti and watched Scooby Doo 2. After the movie I was going to go, but Ernie asked if I wanted to stay and read books, scriptures and say prayers. Then we could talk afterward. I agreed. Jonathan picked out a ghost book and Sabrina chose Cinderella. Jonathan climbed up on his daddy's knee and Sabrina crawled on my lap. This made Ernie stumble while he was reading because She never did that. During Jonathan's story, Sabrina turned in my arms and whispered I love you. What could I do? I said it back and at that moment on it was true.

On November 16, 2007 I guess it became un-official. We were exclusively dating each other. How did we come to this conclusion? Kissing did it for us. The other reason is I knew I was going to marry him. I didn't see any point to pretending like I was interested in any other person.During Thanksgiving, I had the week from hell. Ernie was gone with the kiddos to his parents house and I was lonely and bored without them. I missed seeing their smiling faces and hearing their sweet voices. When they came back, it was like coming home for me.

On Tuesday, November 27th he proposed for the first time. It was pretty early in the am so I won't tell you just when. It was amazing. I knew I was going to marry him but he was having a hard time accepting his feelings. His ex had trampled on him pretty badly and he was having a hard time trusting. I obviously won him over because he wouldn't allow just any woman to come into his or the kids' life. Past experiences had taught him better. back to the proposal. He asked to to be his best friend and his wife. We both weren't expecting it. In fact, I made him repeat it. After he had I said yes. Actually I think I cried yes. Finally he had admitted to himself what I had known all along.

When I finally got home, I woke my roommie Mandy up and told her the good news. We were both so excited but it was early and she had to work in a few hours so I left her alone. I had to wait an hour to call my momma. It was like torture. I wanted her to be the first of my family to know. She and my daddy cried. She had known for a while that I had finally found him. I asked them to not tell Garrett and Morgan but that it was ok to tell my youngest brother Marshall who lived with them. After I got off the phone with her, I went to work. I was just bursting with excitement and smiles.

On Thursday, December 13, 2007 he made it official. He met me at his home at 3:00. I was watching Sabrina and Jonathan that day. I was in the kitchen doing dishes. I heard him go into his bedroom with Sabrina and Jonathan. I heard him give the rings to the kids because Sabrina said in a quite roar, "No, I want to give her that ring!" They came running into the kitchen screaming "Brooke, we have something for you!" Sabrina was hold my wedding band and Jonathan was holding my engagement ring. Ernie got down on one knee and asked if "Will you marry us?" I'm glad he asked that because I wanted to marry all three of them. I said yes and that I couldn't decide who I wanted to kiss first. Jonathan ran away because at four years old, kissing is "gross" Sabrina came next and then finally Ernie.

So, that's how we met and the first few months of our engaged life together. More to come later.

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