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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Questions

What REALLY drives you crazy?: When the toilet paper isn't dispensing the right way. No, I'm not kidding. it drives me CRAZY!

Favorite breakfast cereal:
By far it has to be Cinnamon toast crunch.

Do you talk about sex in a group of people?:
Not usually. I guess it's not really considered an icebreaker. I mean how comfortable would you feel if someone asked you, "so, when is the last time you had hot sex?"

What movie do you know by heart?:
She's the man...Oh for the love....It burns!

White or wheat?:
Sarah Lee whole grain white.

How many kids do you want?:
Right now I want four.

What is your dream job?:
A stay at home mother who can keep her house and kids clean.

Name three of your very favorite things in the whole wide world:
Ernie, Kids, and chocolate.

"So You Think You Can Dance" or "American Idol": If I have to watch one of em, I'd choose American Idol. It's the lesser of evils.

Favorite food: Indian (from India) or chocolate.

Least favorite food: Fish our our friends not food.

Does the energy, money, gas crisis scare you?:
Yeah, but the Lord loves us so it's all ok.

Would you rather be deaf or blind?: Blind. I don't think I could sing if I were deaf.

Favorite baby names:
I'm pretty much open to them all.

Fireside or poolside:

What are two things you would change about yourself?:
Nothing, I'm really doesn't do well to dwell.

What are two things you love about yourself?: My voice and my feet. They're cute.

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?: Cold. You can always put more on to get warm but there is only so much you can take off until you are naked and hot still.

What is something quirky, gross, weird, or random about you that few people know about?: The only thing I can think about is my hatred of wrinkly fingers and toes on myself. Unfortunately if you know me you know that.

Have you ever given in to peer pressure and what was it?: Is it bad of me to say I was usually pressuring others?

What keeps you up at night with worry?: The kids when they aren't with us, Money and the ex.

Taste in music?: I'm a country girl, but I also enjoy musicals, classical and some of the "stuff" my husband listens to.

What makes you the happiest?: My husband, a good book and chocolate.

If your house was on fire and you could only grab two things what would they be?: Pictures and my cat.

Most annoying sound in the world: The music on the video game my husband is playing right now. It's horrid.

What household chore is your favorite and your least favorite?: You mean which is the lesser of evils. I do the kitchen, Ernie does the bathroom.

What's your kryptonite? Chocolate...this seems to be a re-occurring theme for me.

Favorite kind of weather: Any day in the fall. It's cool but warm at the same time.

What's your idea of a perfect day?: Sleep in, no work or pressing matters. My entire family around me, in the mountains with lots of food and or chocolate.

Where is the most beautiful place in the world according to you?: I spent one week with a friend on the Oregon coast. It was the 2nd week in March and everything was green and lush and beautiful. Then you see the beach and every thing is amazing! If you are ever able to go, I suggest Multinomah Falls right outside of Portland Oregon.

Favorite person: My husband Ernie. He's amazing to me.

Favorite color and why: Purple. I'm not sure why. It's just relaxing to me.
If you had one million dollars what would you do with it?: Put it all in a high yielding savings account and live off the interest. With the interest I would pay off all our debt. Save for the kids' future and our retirement. Vacation!! Give to our parents and one more word...SHOES!

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